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August 10, 2008



Interesting Marc, and so typical. The diet and weight loss industry is huge, and few people will research like you did before they buy! I love the info on your blog! I'll be back.

Many Blessings,

MS. Desperation

I've had problems with my weight since early childhood, starting at age 9. Several years later the miserable "battle of the bulge" continues. When I eat I never feel full and I'm so desperate to lose weight I started to order this product today but I thought I should do some research first. By the way do you know the name of the "university" that did their "clincal studies" for lipozene? I can't find it. I think you're a GENIUS and thank you for your research efforts. I really appreciate it and taking suggestions on weight loss:) Please help...



Glucomannan is a dietary fiber source from the root of the konjac plant.Glucomannan is an excellent addition to a sensible weight loss program. Glucomannan on discount at NutroVita.com.

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I think natural or herbal weight loss pills are safe too use. They don't have side effect.pills like stratzol burn fat in a natural way.Choosing the right pill is important.

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There are hundreds of ways to lose weight quickly, but only one way to lose fat and keep it off in the long term.

Jennifer Echenique

I wanted to order Lipozene but then I realized that I needed more information and told the representative to cancel it, she told me that she did. I few days later my credit card was charged and I was furious. The representative stated that she couldn't refund back my money and that the supervisor will give me a call in 48 hrs. I then contacted the Federal Trade Commission office and the Illinois Attorney general office and was told to contact them back and let them know who I had contacted. When I called back they immediately got hold of the supervisor (that was supposedly not there when I first called) and she stated that she will refund my money. She better be right because I'm willing to sue at all costs. They are scammers.


Ok I started taking lipozene and weighted in at 186, after the first week I seemed to gain 20 pounds ( I weigh myself everday).I would eat and then sit down go to sleep or just be lazy. I was taking 1 before the meals 2nd week I started taking 2 30 mins before meals and my weight gain stopped but I was having a lot of gas! Well by the time I only had about 3 left in my bottle I lost about 5 pound, the next day about 7, and the next day which is today I am 8 more which put me back to where I was.. But the only thing I did was stopped sitting around and just got up and stayed busy ( not to mention that alil time ater I take the pills I get very HUNRY.. mind games???? Idk but I was), but it has my wondering if it makes you gain weight and you only lose what you gained because I knw that is not natural to lose that in 3 days but like I said before and now I did become a lil active, Im eating a little less watching what it is that im eating, and even started fitness (2 days now) Since I’ve started on this 2nd bottle I’m going to keep you all posted on if I lose more… p.s NO change in clothes size or major inches lose.. That is why i’m so confused ;/

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What a great look into this new diet pill fad, I had my doubts about it immediately and quickly researched enough to know that you`re just adding fibre and you can get twice as many pills for half as much but to hear a range of support from 6 different articles is good enough for me to not buy this product; thanks for the great insight!

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